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Whole30-Day 24-26

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Wednesday 10/15/14, Thursday 10/16/14, Friday 10/17/14

So sorry!  These past 3 days had really gotten away from me!  The Paleo Baby was very demanding as soon as I was off work and wanted nothing more then mommy snuggle time 🙂  HEY I’ll take that any day over blogging!

Wednesday for dinner we had leftovers.  I love cleaning out my fridge, then I don’t feel like I’m wasting anything!  For Thursday we had upside down day.  I fried up some DUCK eggs, made a sweet potato/russet potato hash brown blend, sliced tomatoes with salt and pepper and some fresh ground sausage.  I LOVE duck eggs!  They are like chicken eggs but the yolks are even richer.  I’m so happy they are now offered at my farmers market, and for a really GREAT price!  They are $3.75 a dozen here in KY while in CT I was  paying over $6 for a dozen!

On Friday I finally took an hr for my self and applied my brand new JAMBERRY Nails!  Have you tried them?  THEY ROCK!  Now I have fun Halloween inspired nails that cost me about 5 dollars for my whole manicure!

Jen's Jamberrys

Now only if my dinner was as cool.  By the time I finished my nails, got my farmers market order and was ready to figure out dinner it was already 6pm and I realized I had NOTHING defrosted (so bummed as I had been on such a good kick all week) 😦  Sooooooo we went through drive through GLAHHHHHHHHHHHH!  My husband was craving Mexican so I got nachos with chicken.  It did have dairy and corn chips.  There was no gluten or beans.  Totally not Whole30 and not very paleo but at least it was gluten free……I wonder how I will feel tomorrow.  And in all honesty it really WASNT that good.  The hubby even made a comment that he thinks the Whole30 has ruined his Taco John’s enjoyment.

Days 24, 25 and 26 down…..4 more day left…


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