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Whole30-Day 18

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Thursday 10/9/14

OK!  This is the last time I’m going to brag about the Paleo Baby sleeping through the night!  I’m sure if I keep talking about it, it will end LOL!  Oh and Im knocking on wood with my feet as I type to hopefully not jinx myself!

Work was not just work but actually a workout!  All week all the baby wanted to do was play with my work phone.  So just imagine me trying to be at my desk, typing up orders and checking emails with a 20lbs “spider monkey” crawling all over me and jumping off my lap to my desktop in order to get to the phone.  I was soooo “fun” (said in a sarcastic tone)

For dinner I made Barbacoa Beef in the crock pot!  It was so tender and yummy!  I used the Barbacoa Sauce By Frontera and added 2lbs of my grass fed beef and let it simmer for 7 hours.  I then baked a few potatoes and made some homemade chipotle mayo!  When the beef was done I topped my potato with the meat, drizzled some mayo and garnished it with some green onions!  I also had a small side salad to go along with it!  The hubby was VERY HAPPY with this meal and so was I!  The Paleo Baby even enjoyed the meat, even with it’s little bit of spice.

Since tonight was Thursday Night Football we all gathered around the IPad (we got rid of DirectTV) and watched our beloved COLTS play and WIN against the Texans 🙂  It was a good night!

18 days down…..12 to go!


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