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Whole30-Day 11

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Thursday 10/2/14

Today was a day of much stress!  After a long and trying day of trying to keep the Paleo Baby entertained and trying to work at the same time I get a text message from our renters saying they wanted to break their lease!  We are 1000 miles away in KY and the renters are in CT so its not like we can just run over and talk to them or easily show the home to new potential renters.  So all day while trying to focus on work all I could do was post FOR RENT ads all over Craigslist and Zillow!  After getting 5 responses in less then 5 hrs for our house I started to calm down a bit.  Once off work I made some mayo, which in my opinion is a bit meditative.  You have to slowly and carefully add the Olive Oil and keep focus for about 10 minutes.  If you go to fast BAM you break the emulsion!  For dinner I FINALLY made the Tuna Stuffed Potatoes (recipe in Week 2 menu post) by the Domesticated Man!  The recipe was so much better then I thought it would be.  When I picked the recipe at the beginning of the week I had mixed feelings….would it be to fishy?  would it be dry?  NO!  It was moist, flavorful and definitely something I will make again!

After putting the baby to bed I finally sat down on the couch and I am going to confess to having a glass of wine 😦 I just couldn’t take it any more!  I felt tired, broken and had a hard time feeling like things would ever really go our way.  AND DAMN did that wine taste good!  NO I am not going to start my “time” over again because I have come to the realization that I probably will (not like I’m going to plan it) have slip ups during this Whole30.  It’s how I keep going to the end that matters!  I wanted a reset for myself.  I wanted to get off the lazy fast food train that I had started to ride.  I wanted to start cooking healthy dinners again.  I wanted to NOT drink every night as a way to relax.  So far that is EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE BEEN DOING!  In the end looking back I ate well all day, drank my 60oz of water, took all my vitamins, so in “MY” Whole30 that’s a win!  I really didn’t want to tell anyone that I had that glass of wine but HEY this is REAL LIFE with REAL STRESS and I figured honesty is always the best route to take.  Maybe someone is reading this who had a glass of wine a week or so into their Whole30 and are thinking  “this is to hard”, and instead of quitting all together they will just keep going and pick up fresh the next morning.  Because Tomorrow is a New Day 🙂

Day 11 down, 19 more to go!


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