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Whole30-Day 8

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Monday 9/29/14

I must admit I’m feeling a bit discouraged so far.  I know its only been a week but I really thought I would feel SOME sort of difference in the 3 pair of jeans I’m trying to squeeze my beeeeehind into.  But nothing!  I’m hoping by the end of week 2 I will see a LITTLE something….

My goals for this week are to drink 60oz of water..which I DID today! Watch my snacking of the pork rinds (HEY a nursing momma’s gotta snack, don’t judge!) and to keep it to a bare minimum.  I also want to work on eating 3 meals a day!  I find myself missing breakfast and for me I know that’s not good for my waistline!  I am also going to try and incorporate some sort of physical activity….I have this 20 minute Windsor Pilates video I can easily fit into during Paleo Baby’s nap time….

For dinner tonight I made Dutch Oven Carnitas (recipe on Week 2 Menu page)!  They were mouth watering good!  I had made this recipe in the past so I knew it would be a sure win!  I had only wished I had some mayo left over so I could have made the chipotle mayo sauce for it…but I have plenty of leftovers and I need to make mayo anyways for tomorrows dinner so it will be on my afternoon to do list!

Well off to bed I go….to dream of margaritas and paleo pancakes 😉  (the baby is already asleep and I’m actually tired)  Only 22 more days!


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