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Whole30-Day 6

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Saturday 9/27/14

6 days into my Whole30 and I’m feeling better!  My sleep is improving (well as much as it can with a 13 month old), my cravings are starting to subside and my brain fog is slowly lifting!  I also seem to Go Go Go all day and NOT crash at night.  This is a good and bad thing!  Good because I don’t feel completely exhausted when I sit down but bad because I am staying up till 10 or 11pm at night!  Hopefully that to shall pass.

Today the hubby and I had leftover Grain-Free Chicken Fried Steak (recipe on Day 5) for lunch and enjoyed the latest episode of Biggest Loser while the Paleo Baby napped for 2.5 hrs.  When the baby woke we gave him a bath and decided to head over to Clay, KY, visit with the cousins and partake in Clay Days.  I knew this would be a Whole30 issue since it was essentially a fair and pretty much nothing but fried food.  Oh well we figured we would figure it out.  Once their the smells over took me and I began to get REALLY hungry, so we walked through the food area and of course….NOTHING met the Whole30 standards.  NOW they did have potato ribbons!  These are delicious white potatoes (allowed on Whole30) quick fried in oil (all oils are allowed on the Whole30) and served HOT!  Nothing else!  No flour, no gluten, NOTHING!  They are delicious and even though they are NOT “technically” allowed in the Whole30 since they are “deep fried” I still enjoyed some (I shared a small basket (no more then one potato, they were VERY THIN) with the hubby and Paleo Baby)!

I know I know….*FAIL*, but lets get real!  In the Whole30 its “OK” to pan fry, or bake (usually oil covered) but not deep fry for 2-5 minutes??? I don’t get it!  Maybe if you are used to a SAD diet (Standard American Diet), this could trigger you to over eat or make you run to your nearest McDonald’s and over indulge in a Super Sized container of gluten covered fries.  But that’s not the case for me.  So for today, as my husband told me “Looks like you are picking and choosing which Whole30 rules you are following.”  I guess that was some what fair to say but I don’t feel it derailed my (or his) goals of this Whole30.

After my “indulgence” I was still STARVING (it had been 5 hours since we had eaten anything).  In desperation NOT to completely jump off the cliff (I walked the very edge with my potato ribbons) we walked over to the one of only two restaurants in Clay (YES Clay is a super small town!) called Jeri’s.  I ordered the Chicken Cranberry Walnut Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing!  It was sooooo good!

Unfortunately about 20 minutes later, my stomach started to slightly cramp and not feel so good!  I’m pretty sure I was gluten-ized!  I’m almost 100% sure it was the dressing.  The dressing was on the thicker side (normally warm bacon dressing is made up of oil, bacon fat and apple cider vinegar…sooo I thought I would be safe), so it probably had some flour or something like that as a thickener.  Why do I think it was the food and not my imagination you ask?  Well because around the same time as I was quietly thinking all this to myself my husband turns to me and says his stomach didn’t feel so hot (he had the same dressing and pretty much same salad).

Lesson of the day:  Always ask whats in your dressing! 

Only 24 more days left!!


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