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Tuesday 9/23/14

Another day down on my Whole30!  Day 2 is over which leaves me only 28 MORE DAYS!  If I had it my way I would literally lock myself in the house, pour all the booze down the drain and not come in contact with ANYONE.  Unfortunately my husband had other plans for tonight!  He wanted to get out of the house and go watch his little cousin play soccer, no big deal except the game was at 5:30pm.  Since the game was an hour away this meant we had to pack dinner and snacks, frankly 4:30 is far to early for dinner!  Its not that it was “hard” per say it was just more of an inconvenience….but none the less we stuck to our plan and didn’t cheat.

Looking back, it was probably better that we got out of the house tonight because that unopened can of frosting, that was left at my house 2 weeks ago from a birthday party, that I never threw away, was literally calling my name ALL DAY!


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