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Whole30-Day 3

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Wednesday 9/24/14

The baby is FINALLY down and I’m about to pass out as I type this post!  Paleo Baby decided he was not into taking a nap today but more that he wanted mommy to hold him all day and constantly nurse!  He is currently getting in his molars so lots of nursing since solids seem to hurt his mouth at times.  All of his nursing is making me RAVENOUS for food!  I cant seem to get full!  I know some of it is because I have “off limits” foods (like paleo muffins and pancakes) and some of it is because I’m naturally burning more calories.  I hope in the next few days my brain will calm down and then the extra calories burned while nursing wont affect me so much.  Also I think I didn’t eat enough food today.  With the baby so clingy it was really hard to get myself anything to eat…this is something I need to work on in general….

I must admit though!  A glass of wine sure sounded perfect when Paleo Baby went to bed…but instead I texted my sister Julie, confessed my desires while she talked me off the ledge.  Only 27 more days!


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