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Whole30-Day 1

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Monday 9/22/14

End of Day 1!  Oh Day 1, what can I say about about Day 1…I guess all I can say really is that it’s probably the easiest day on the Whole30!  I’m totally motivated, I spent all weekend meal planning, cleaning out my fridge, went grocery shopping and told myself  “Hey it’s only 30 days, I can TOTALLY get by without that margarita or glass of wine for 30 days”.

For me I have been pretty Paleo/Primal for years, I have already cut out gluten and grains (yes I do indulge sometimes when I eat out but in my home I RARELY have those things) and eat very minimum amounts of dairy (I do normally have grass-fed raw cheese in my house, but that has all been consumed and no longer allowed in the home until the end of 30 days).  For sugar, a few years ago my husband and I did a 21 Day Sugar Detox by Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites (which I recommend for people looking to get started with Paleo).  During that time we broke our habit of putting sugar in our coffee and we even were able to significantly lessen the amount of sugar we added to baked goods.  So basically speaking, sugar is not an issue for 30 days.

NOW THE REAL ISSUE!!!   ALCOHOL!  I’m a 30 an hour a week, work from home mom with a 13 month old, 2 dogs and a cat!  So YEAH!  That nightly drink or two is totally my vise to help me relax from the stressers of work, caring for a baby (both 2 and 4 legged) and the constant cleaning and cooking.  Sooooo you ask, “Why add a new stresser of not being allowed my one vise?”  Because it’s just that A VICE…and I really want to enjoy my drink as something more then a vice.  Plus those nightly drinks have really made it difficult to fit into my new jeans that I bought just one month ago!!!!  Don’t judge!


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