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Whole30-Week 1 Menu

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The biggest way to make a Whole30 successful is to meal plan weekly.  When meals are planned it is easier to stay the course!  So yesterday I went through my freezer of meat, prepped veggies and planned my dinners for the week.  To keep it simple I just make large dinners and save the leftovers for lunch.  I also made a large batch of egg casserole, this way I wont have to cook breakfast all week!  ENJOY!

Monday: 9/22/14

Coconut Curry Shrimp with zucchini noodles (my mom texted me the clipping from one a California news paper).  Make sure to leave out the brown sugar for Whole30.  To make zucchini noodles I use a Spiral Vegetable Slicer!


Tuesday: 9/23/14

Waldorf Chicken Salad using homemade mayo on a bed of organic greens (leave out the dried cranberries for Whole30).  Here is the mayo recipe I ALWAYS use: Paleo Mayo

Wednesday: 9/24/14

Cantonese Egg Custard withPork from NomNom Paleo

Thursday: 9/25/14

Grilled steaks with Sweet Potato Soup from Fashionable Hostess.  With the soup recipe make sure to omit the maple syrup and replace half and half with coconut milk for Whole30.

Friday: 9/26/14

Baked Hot wings (I use Frank’s Original Hot Sauce, its VERY clean) with oven baked sweet potato fries

Saturday: 9/27/14

Authentic Human’s Dutch Oven Carnitas with lettuce cups and fresh salsa

Sunday: 9/28/14



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